Nosso propósito é cuidar do seu  negócio

ASSMANN CONSULTORIA é uma empresa de consultoria em gestão, estratégia, finanças, estruturação e reestrutução de negócios. 

Como Fazemos

Combinando a experiência de nossos profissionais e o conhecimento profundo sobre os diversos setores econômicos e funções de negócio, assessoramos nossos clientes, proporcionando as melhores soluções para ajudá-los a atingir alta performance. Mantemos uma maneira única na prestação dos serviços, focados no resultado e necessidades de nossos clientes, trabalhando e interagindo sempre dentro do ambiente de maneira exclusiva e personalizada.

Our Company

ASSMANN CONSULTORIA is a business consulting firm that provides advisory services in management, strategy, finance and turnaround. Member of Fundação Nacional da Qualidade (FNQ). Our professionals combine experience and a deep knowledge in a wide range of economical sectors and business functions, aiming at assisting our clients and providing business solutions on an ongoing or project basis.We have a unique way in rendering services focused on our clients results and needs, always working and interacting within their environment in a so unique and personalized way. Our knowledge of international business communities, cultures and practices allow us to effectively advise and counsel foreign companies interested in entering the Brazilian market.This is a paragraph. You can use this to communicate content within your page.

Brazil is wide open for new business

 With the stabilization of its economy, tight inflation and currency exchange control, Brazil is now one of the fastest growing economies in the World and faces a thriving moment in its market. In connection to all these positive financial indicators Brazilian life standards have significantly improved including the access to a number of new educational institutions. The country is ready to offer newly qualified labor force at competitive costs. In addition, the substantial growth of the private sector and consequent downsizing of unemployment rates has enabled the Brazilian market to invest on the infra structure gaps. Services: • Management consulting • Strategic consulting • Corporate finance • Start up e turnaround • Legal advice Mission To respond to client demands for creative High Performance: secure and effective services in all areas of practice. Delivering innovative services To attract and develop top talents To constantly improve and share knowledge. To practice and transmite ethicalvalues.


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